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The Cowboy Way
Then, Now and Forever
Over 133 Years of Cowboying!
79 West Main
Salina Utah 84654

Burns Saddlery
Cruel Girl
A Cruel Girl knows who she is, where she came from and is determined to get where she is going. There’s no denying her competitive nature either in the arena or on the battlegrounds of fashion. So arm yourself and join us! Cruel Girl’s possess an independent spirit and a confidence that can’t be crushed.
The experts at Classic Equine always work closely with equine performance professionals from all disciplines to test and perfect each product during development.  The driving purpose of Classic Equine has always been to offer equestrians the highest quality products, while keeping the performance horse's safety and well being the first and foremost consideration. 
Serratelli Hat Company now operates one of the only hat finishing plants in the United States. We are one of only a handful of companies that has total control over our hat manufacturing process from start to finish. The Serratelli Hat Company is 100% committed to producing a line of beaver fur felt hats that provides our customers with the highest quality and best value in headwear available. After all, our family name is on every hat.   
There is no substitute for the experienced hands of a true boot maker. Every pair of Lucchese boots is hand-inspected, not once, but twice. And although we skive our leather seams by machine, we repeat the process a second time by hand. In virtually every one of our procedures, we rely on human hands to complete the task to near-perfection.
We set up extra timers in the arena to capture the interval times between and around the barrels, then all the times are averaged to the fastest and the average runs for comparison. Available for major events, clinics, and NOW available for permanent installation in your training arena
Harmonic Health is based out of Salina, UT, with 6 associates providing Acuscope & Myopulse  services to clients in Utah, Arizona, and California  
  KCI/Arena Management Software offers advanced equine sports event, member management and event entry software solutions. which boost efficiency in event production and facility use. Your contestants will appreciate the ease of entry and quality of the events.


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